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The answer to this question is clearly below!

We do business in a different way, just ask our clients. Our business philosophies are more than simple mission statements and goals, they are truly the cornerstone of every decision we make. We hire our staff and our vendors based on these principles. And while these philosophies may not always result in high profits, we know that they add up to substantial dividends where it counts – customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer success. And that’s why we started our own business in the first place.

Our commitment to customer service has resulted in a 100% on time, on budget delivery ratio unmatched by other web site development companies. Most of our projects are performed on a fixed bid at rates that are typically half of what our clients had been quoted by other companies. We believe in setting expectations and then exceeding expectations. It’s the way we expect to be treated by our vendors and it’s the way we do business.

We know that you can find web designers and developers that will work ‘on the cheap’. While it’s a great way to meet your short-term budgetary needs, we believe that it’s a horrible way for you to achieve your long-term goals for your web site and your business. We believe you need experienced internet professionals. We understand that it’s our responsibility to consistently offer our clients ideas, solutions and strategies. We do this before a project, during a project and after a project. This philosophy has resulted in a 100% client retention rate. Furthermore, it’s led to over 90% of IWDS’ new clients being referrals from existing clients.

On average, our clients see a return of three to four times their initial investment either in new business or cost savings. This isn’t an accident. We strive to plan and create solutions that deliver these types of superior results. Odds are, if we don’t believe we can deliver these types of results, we will simply not help you. Your success is in our best interests and we see ourselves as an ongoing partner in your business’ development. We recognize that our success in achieving that goal is predicated on our continuing ability to surpass your expectations.

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