Top 5 Best Online Grammar Course

Nowadays, you do not have to spend hours to get to university, you just need to turn on your computer and connect with the necessary website. Grammar is an integral part of any profession, you should be an expert in grammar, having good speaking, and listening skills in order to become a skillful professional. Below we will observe the grammar courses with the highest rating and to identify the best online grammar course.


The highest rated course in grammar is made with English Grammar Tenses and Verbs by Udemy. During the course, you will know how to use the tenses properly, to understand the language and grammar structures. However, this course is not for beginners and in order to start, you have to be a minimum of B1. In addition, you should have a desire to understand the tenses and to remember them. So, if you are a visual type of a person, these courses will the best for you because of many graphics, examples, images, and video episodes.

MacMillan English

MacMillan English is another online grammar course for different background of students. The course is based on the popular MacMillan English Grammar books. You can have an access to a collection of grammar exercises, vocabulary activities, and references at any place and even with the help of a mobile phone.

Coursera Academic

Academic courses at Coursera are developed by the professionals from the Division of Continuing Education. You will get all necessary grammar skills to become a high-quality professional in your field of research. The course is divided for several parts where you will know about grammar, punctuation, the basic knowledge about writing the essay and the advanced writing. The professionals of the course are recognizable leaders of International programs of UCI.

Berkeley University

The professional course was developed with the top representatives of California University in order to share academic skills, the basic knowledge in editing and to demonstrate how to write grammatically correct texts. The tasks for different levels varies, so that if you have basic skills in academic writing, you do not have to start from the first lesson, just skip it and go on with advanced. The duration of a course is 5 weeks. The course is free, but if you would like to receive a verified certificate, you should pay $49. The course offers you to become a part of a global educational community and get professional feedback.

The Utah State University

The Utah State University develops and integrates an introduction to writing. Following the course, you will know about basic and advanced rules of grammar as well as the tips and rules for creative writing practice. Writing up high quality research, you will advance your professional skills and knowledge as well as your company could get better competitive advantage.

If you don’t know which course is comfortable for you, we recommend to ask an educational institution for a free trial period so you can test the educational platform and to communicate with professionals and students.