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Logo Design

Because your Business Identity matters

Logo and corporate identity are an integral part of your company’s public image. The visual identity of your business is a subtle, but important factor in a company’s success. Knowledgeable people recognize the power of an effective logo design. An effective logo can create an indelible imprint on people’s minds. A superior logo will crystallize your company’s identity and goals, be easily remembered by your customers and help them locate your company among many competing offers. Correct application of visual psychology will present a professional image to your clients, gain their confidence and foster the perception that you can deliver a positive, risk-free purchase experience.

A professional designer must consider the future flexibility of the logo. Your logo should be effective for various advertising materials, TV movies, web site, business souvenirs, buildings, vehicles, uniforms, product packaging and all other marketing applications you may need in future.

Interstate Web Design Studio will provide you with an original logo. We create custom logo designs to be unique, eye catching, distinctive, ready for web and print applications. Your logo will be created in 3 days. Our designers will keep in mind your company’s business and your expectations for your desired “look and feel”. We begin by generating ideas and discussing the possible logo concepts, evaluating the colors, fonts model and alternate graphics. We then provide you with 5 or more logo design variants and let you choose the logo that best
suits your needs. If you are not satisfied with these logo design variants we start from scratch with a fresh perspective.



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