Best Online Courses in Data Science

We live in a fast-developing era and the demand for a professional data scientist is growing, reached up to 28% increase for the previous 2018 year. The companies begin to integrate innovative big data technologies to analyze the data and to receive maximum value of it. Thus, online courses on big data technologies are on a great demand, but the more demand for the courses – the more courses the companies present. So, how should you do a right choice and find the best one? Below, we prepare a short list with the best online courses in data science.

JHU Coursera (Data Science Specialization course)

An educational institution performs the most rated course in JHU. The university follows all the latest trends in data science, so that you receive professional knowledge about data scientist’s toolbox, developing data products, statistical inference, cleaning data and other types of related information.

Metis (Introduction to Data Science)

Metis develops and integrates online courses for beginners and advanced learners. To provide high-quality data and lessons, the representatives of the company invite the top data science specialist from the most powerful companies. The duration of the course if 6 weeks and after the course you receive not only a certificate but an access to further course to upgrade your skills as much as possible.

Before you decide to choose the course, you have to be ready to demonstrate basic skills in Python for beginners and Algebra and the basic knowledge of statistics for advanced.

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization (The University of Michigan)

The professional from University developed and integrated the course for experienced students. So, if you are looking for challenging course to increase the skills in data science and to receive Master’s degree, be ready to put significant efforts to complete online program. However, after you receive a certificate, you will be a step ahead your main competitors in the industry.

The program of a course involves:

  • Data Science basic course with a Python integration
  • The basic and intermediate course in Algebra
  • Professional Social Network Analysis for different levels of the course.

In order to become a well-educated professional in Data Science, you should be an expert in programming language with a good understanding of Algebra.

EdX Data Science course

EdX presents a professional program for data science professionals. During the course, students will learn two programming languages as well as to receive professional knowledge in statistics, visualization, and data exploration. All the materials are free of charge, but if a student wants to receive an official certificate, it is necessary to pay $90.

The companies in different industries are striving to integrate innovations in order to get a competitive advantage. They are searching well-educated professionals to work with, so that each employee has to develop and advance their skills continuously. Online universities are a great opportunity to have all necessary knowledge and to receive a certificate. We observe the best online data science courses which are available at the present days, so choose the best one and enjoy learning.