The best PC screen recorder: Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Today we are going to talk to those people who want to be a professional youtuber or who simply want to record video tutorials to teach how to use other people’s products or make reviews of computer programs, also for those who play on their PCs and want to share with the world their gaming experiences, all must take into account the importance of having a good computer screen recorder program, because this depends largely on achieving a good result pleasant to the public which translates into many likes and shared content ideal to grow in the world of social networks and get good advertising revenue.

That is why today we will talk about Movavi Screen Capture Studio, an extraordinary system to record the screen of your pc, easy to use and very efficient in terms of image and sound quality. There are three basic things that explain why this software is the best choice; easy capture, high-quality footage and advanced video editing.

Are you a Windows 10 user? If yes then Movavi Screen Capture is for you!

You can record screen on Windows 10 with this software; online videos, desktop actions and Skype calls. It’s very compatible with Windows 10 and its simple interface makes anyone able to operate the program. It’s more than just a regular recording app since it’s a powerful video editor that can improve the quality of your videos.

How to use it properly?

Quite easy! You just need to download it and do every command in the installation. Once the software has been installed on your computer, you will see open programs automatically accompanied by a launch window that provides different options.

The second step is to adjust the capture parameters. You can select the recording area either manually or automatically. To perform automated steps, you need to place your cursor over the application window you are headed to. You also have an alternative by holding down the left mouse button to get a fetch frame. Continue by dragging the cursor across the entire screen area.

Once the capture interface is presented in front of you, you can select the size you have previously set from the Capture Area list. After you set the size, what you need to select next is speakers, a microphone or you can even use both. The trick is very easy that is by clicking every icon you want to use.

You can also highlight the cursor to add the effects you want. Recording duration can also be set by using the Recording Schedule option displayed in the Capture menu. Once all is ready, click the REC button and the recording will begin according to the specified countdown. You can click Pause and resume it. The recording you get will soon be saved in MKV format. You can edit it and save it in a different format. This is a screen recorder software that really understands you. The fact proves that Movavi is the most popular company for all recording activities.