Top 5 Best Courses in Business Analytics

At the present days, you don’t have to choose courses with your intuition, there are a variety of guides and lists, and you also can watch video about each course to define the best type of platform and the most suitable community. We prepare for you a description of the best courses in business analytics.

First of all, pay attention for Coursera

This is a learning platform, where you can find hundreds of professional courses for different level of background from different educational institutions all over the world. For example, Wharton University of Pennsylvania performs a special program developed for professionals of different level. The University provides an access to 5 courses with 20 weeks duration. During the course developed with the University of Colorado Boulder, you will receive interactive online exercised, projects to practice received skills online support of the professionals.

EDX Professional Course in Business Analytics

The course demonstrates how to collect and operate with the statistical data as well as how to use the descriptive analysis within the work properly, and special techniques to operate the received data. A wide selection of examples can help you to understand the topics efficiently. The duration of the learning course is 12 weeks.

ESSEC Business School with the Course of Strategic Business

The course curriculum involves well-designed plan of business analytics with an opportunity to earn a certificate from one of the leading business school in the industry.

Babson College

This course mainly focuses on the newcomers, so that you will receive the basic skills in data science, business analytics, descriptive statistics and creation of linear models. Also, during online classes, you will learn about the use of current datasets from the different types of online resources. The programs of the lessons is perfectly paced, so that you can finish each separate part at any time. The video of the courses are free to download and you will definitely receive a certificate at a reasonable price.

Udemy (Statistics for Business Analytics)

From the moment when you decide to be involved in business analytics, you have to be well-informed in order to understand the current trends and challenges. Business Analytics course from Udemy focuses mainly on practical approach, so that during the course you will know about the most efficient techniques in business analytics which are used in a real world. The course involves more than 44 lectures, about 2 professional articles and full time access to the course material.

Business analytics studies statistical and operational analysis, identifying the most appropriate optimization techniques for business in any industry. In the modern environment, the companies integrates business analytics to the working process, so that the management can make data-driven decisions. A professional business analyst knows how to conduct data mining, develop and integrate well-written quantitative and statistical analysis. Thus, be ready to demonstrate your best and choose the most efficient course from the list for further career development.